Hospitalsconsultants – a new hospital stay pre-booking service to beat the queues!

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Are you fed up with having to wait ages for medical treatment? Hospitalsconsultants, a new online service, could be exactly what you’re looking for. It brings together 100 different hospitals across the UK and France on the one website, allowing you to search from a range of procedures to find the top quality treatment you need.



Hundreds of specialists can be contacted through the hospitalsconsultants site. Established by Doctor Jean-Pascal Del Bano, an expert in the assessment of the quality of healthcare delivery, this website represents an entirely independent source of information, as it receives no commission from the healthcare establishments featured on the site.

Featuring some of the best hospitals in the UK, chosen from amongst both private hospitals and top NHS trust hospitals, many different operations can be booked via the website. These include total knee replacement surgery, varicose veins treatment and cataract surgery, to name just a few. This service caters to patients up and down the length of England, from the south-west (the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) to the north-east (the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust). And that’s not to forget the 12 clinics in France, which may also be contacted through the site.