DBV Technologies – great ideas wedded to cutting-edge equipment to combat allergies!

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DBV Technologies is a French firm at the forefront of efforts to find solutions to the seemingly intractable problem of common food allergies. Many foods trigger allergic reactions, sometimes even severe reactions which can lead to a hospital stay or even death.

The Viaskin platform is the product of complex technology
Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Shellfish, crustaceans, hens’ eggs, cows’ milk and a wide range of nuts all pose a danger to those allergic to the antigens (proteins) contained in the offending foodstuff.

The company has enlisted the help of cutting-edge tech in the shape of electrospray technology, of the kind pictured below. This particular equipment can spray a stream of electrically-charged protein particles (the allergens/antigens) upon the titanium backing of an adhesive patch which is then placed on the patient’s arm. The particles form an even layer on the patch and don’t lose the chemical properties that are needed for them to do their job. When the patient’s body heat produces sweat (the condensation chamber effect), this mixes with the dry allergens which can then enter the body through the skin and start to ‘tolerize’ the body to said allergens.